Terrazzza defines itself as an electronic music promoter and brand which promotes today’s actual electronic dance music with its origins from theclubscene. Terrazzza is based in Switzerland – the middle of Europe – eight at the pulse of the electronic music scene. Our guests are urban, stylish and in love with dance music and its culture. We have a tough door policy and are known to be the ones with THE crowd and the best music and vibe. Our bookings range from Solomun to Apollonia over Daniel Bortz to Anja Schneider and back to Dennis Ferrer and The Martinez Brothers.


Terrazzza as a brand which is open to transform itself constantly with the development of electronic dance music. Terrazzza‘s goal is to reproducethe unique Terrazzza vibe and its unforgetable moments, where the whole crowd loses control united in the spirit of music. We are builidng a strong community, with our DJ‘s (international and national) and followers, which is the foundation for our outstanding events. Our next goal is to expand our brand abroad and to export the unique Terrazzza spirit to well selected locations and collaborations with promotersaround the world.